General FIGHT Info Edit

FIGHT is a QUEST command used to initiate a fight between players and monsters.

FIGHT <ID>.<X>.<Y>.<facing>, {<ID>.<X>.<Y>.<facing>, <ID>.<X>.<Y>.<facing>...}

Argument n - ID Edit

Each argument of a FIGHT command summons one of that monster. It is advised to keep the number of monsters small, generally two or three, with six as an absolute maximum. The theoretical maximum limit is 63.

Each monster ID can have up to three dotted arguments, which determine starting X co-ordinate (ascending left to right), starting Y co-ordinate (ascending top to bottom) and the direction the monster is initially facing. Facing direction can be either 0 (left) or 1 (right). This can be used immediately after a MOVE command to give the impression that an actor used as an NPC is attacking.

Special Cases Edit

  • The variant command FIGHT2 <ID>, {<ID>, <ID>...} functions identically to FIGHT, but the player cannot run unless they have taken no action for 20 seconds or more.
  • Using a * instead of a monster ID will bring in whatever monsters would have been fought if the player had got into a random battle. This does not stop you specifying other monsters in the same FIGHT command.
  • Adding a - to the start of a monster ID has that monster fight on the side of the players, like a pet with no owner.
  • Adding a + to the start of a monster ID has that monster target only pets and monsters summoned with a -ID. It is advised to use appropriate map flags, either based on the map or using a FLAGS command, to make the battle more fair by preventing the player from targeting the monster.
  • If a fight is interrupted, for example by a timer, and another FIGHT command is issued, all friendly monsters will remain, but all opponent monsters will be removed before the new monsters are brought in.
  • FIGHT 0 removes all monsters, even friendly ones. It does not remove pets.