General FLAGS Info Edit

FLAGS is a QUEST command used to temporarily override the map flags. It has one argument.

FLAGS <Flags>

Argument 1 - Flags Edit

Add up the numbers of the flags you want to use, and the total is what you put in argument 1. Flags can be added decimally or hexadecimally. Some of these flags might not make sense; these can be used to effectively remove all map flags from the scene, since 0

Flag Decimal Flag Hexadecimal Flag Effect
0 0x0000000 Revert to actual map flags
1 0x0000001 Enables pet vs pet battles (but protects players from pets)
2 0x0000002 Enables pets to be used against other players or pets (if pkers or no safehaven)
4 0x0000004 Enables "no protection from PKer"
8 0x000008 Enables "no PKing allowed here at all"
16 0x0000010 Enables "LADDER" reporting. (PK kills on this map are reported to ladder server)
32 0x0000020 Enables "show all link names." Normally link names are hidden until after first use of link.
64 0x0000040 Disables "Shadows" under heroes (and monsters) on map and in scenes of that map.
128 0x0000080 Disables the use of pets (cannot summon them) on this map.
256 0x0000100 Disables eavesdropping to and from players on this map. (you can still whisper, shout, etc.)
512 0x0000200 Designates the map a GUILD HALL map. (This has no hardwired game effect, but may be read by QUEST)
1024 0x0000400 Prevents Humans from being able to damage monsters or pets.
2048 0x0000800 NO_REWARD - No XP, GP, or items given to surviving players after fight.
4096 0x0001000 NO_HEAL - Healing spells and potions provide only 1 unit of HP
8192 0x0002000 NO_TICKETS - Tickets won't work here
16384 0x0004000 NO_MINI_MAP - Upper right mini-map is uninformative here.
32768 0x0008000 NO_STUN - The non-buff disease spells will not work here (stun, sleep, paralyze, etc.)
65536 0x0010000 NO_BUFF - The Buff/Debuff disease spells will not work here.
131072 0x0020000 NO_PKREZ. PKers cannot use resurrection spells on others.
262144 0x0040000 MAP_FLAG_HIDE_LINKS. Don't show white link boxes on minimap until visited
524288 0x0080000 MAP_FLAG_NO_WAYPOINTS Disable automatic waypoint calculations (good for mazes).